Congrats to the 12 businesses and their Design teams for participating in the Curb'd Fabrication Workshop. Each group came together over beer and Goodfellas to strengthen their proposals for the final round of jury selection.

Curb'd experts were in attendance to answer any questions and offer support.

We had the chance to catch up with a few designers in order to find out what inspired their unique parklet proposals

THE BOXING RING  by: MSA Architects 

THE BOXING RING by: MSA Architects 

The folks at MSA Architects developed The Boxing Ring which was selected by Cutman's Barbershop. In the boxing world, a "cutman" is the name frequently given to those who treat boxing injuries in between rounds. These designers went the extra mile picking the brain of business owners in order to improve their chances of creating a complimentary design. This parklet will provide arena-style seating for the adjacent restaurant and even feature pair of "rockem-sockem" robots. 

COV LOVE  by: Eye Candy

COV LOVE by: Eye Candy

The graphic design and branding agency Eye Candy proposed COV Love which has been paired with Riverside Korean Restaurant. This design is meant to be an "elemental experience of textures and typography." This parklet will be both beautiful and interactive, paying homage to our vibrant community. The letters can be (and should) be used as seating or as a sweet background for selfies.

RECESS  by: WorK Architecture + Design

RECESS by: WorK Architecture + Design

WorK Architecture + Design proposed the parklet Recess paired with UpTech.
During the early stages of design planning they were inspired by the idea of incorporating plant life into their parklet proposal. From there the idea began to take shape within the confines of your average shipping container which fits snugly within a parking space. Taking into account the professional work environment that surrounds this parklet location the design team felt that including an element of play would be important.



The open-ended art experiment Pique both developed and selected the proposal Plexiglass, which is one part functional and one part art exhibit. The geometric dome will be made from a unique material creating an immersive experience within. There will also be a plexiglass tree that will temporarily display plexiglass art. The designers intend to make markers available to pedestrians in order to draw, mark and write on the plexiglass itself. Panels may be erased regularly or preserved for exhibition. 

Final parklet proposals will be due January 11th so get cracking teams! Feel free to check out all the other jaw-dropping proposals on our Facebook page and be sure to like us on Instagram at @curbdcov.