Thank you to all Design teams and business owners who attended the Curb'd informational workshop. We couldn't be happier with your interest and enthusiasm for this project. Here's a breakdown of questions that came up during each session:


Q: Is there a rubric the jury will use to make their decisions? What is the criteria?

A: The jury will use a general rubric that will take creativity and location into account with the end goal of creating walkable links across the city.

Q: Would business owners have to go through their own permitting process if they decided to move ahead with parklet construction outside of the Curb'd project?

A: Yes. If a business owner who was not selected wishes to move forward with parklet construction then they would have to complete their own permitting process with the city.  

Q: If a generic design is chosen, how do you pair that design with a business?

A: Each business chooses their top two proposals so that if two businesses choose the same Design team we can break that tie.

Q: Will there be access to electricity? 

A: No outlets will be available. Although, feel free to harness solar energy!

Q: Is mobile vending allowed?

A:  Yes.  Although designs should be accessible to the public completely.  Additionally, there are special fees and licenses required for sidewalk vending.

Q: Can parklet construction extend onto the sidewalk?

A: No, parklets cannot impede the sidewalk.

Q: Will business owners actually be able to conduct business from parklet?

A: Yes and No. The idea is to make these parklets public installations and immersive instead of just an extension of the business. For instance, parklets could be used as a waiting area for the business, but we are NOT looking for café seating and tables.

Q: How can a designer of a generic proposal improve their chances of being selected?

A: We encourage Design teams to reach out to the individual businesses to get an idea of what they are looking for in parklet design.

Q: How many total Design teams are competing?

A: 25 teams, roughly.

Q: Can a representative who attended the mandatory workshop submit a proposal for the members who could not attend?

A: Yes. Only one team member from the Design team needed to attend the informational workshop.

Q: Is it necessary to list every member of the Design team?

A: No, but it’s to your advantage to submit a complete and qualified team.

Q: Has the jury already been selected? Who are they?

A: Jury will be anonymous until after selections are made.

Q: How long will the parklets be in place?

A: From May through October of 2016. Design teams are the owners of the parklets and will be responsible for what happens with them next in October 2016.

Q: Can design proposals be a single .PDF file?

A: Yes, that would be preferred.

Q: Will business owners have a say in the design selection process?

A: Business owners will chose their favorite proposal after the concept submission on December 7th, but an external jury will choose the final 5 to be fabricated.

Q: Is there a limit to how many designs I can submit?

A: No, you can submit as many as you want, but we encourage focusing on 1-3 businesses and getting to know them and what they envision.

Q: What’s the next step for business owners who qualify? Do I wait for designers?

A: Businesses will be contacted the week of 11/30 to schedule a time for them to choose their favorite concept proposal that was submitted for their business.

Q: Is there a limit on the file size for submissions?

A: Nope.

Q: Will the designers for each proposal be kept anonymous?

A: Yes, businesses will not know the Design team for the proposals until after they choose their favorite.

Q: How does Curb'd distinguish between quality designs and the business owners interests?

A: Curb'd is not specifically involved in the choosing process. Business owners choose their favorite after the concept proposals have been submitted then a jury chooses the final 5.

Q: If I’m a business owner or designer who does not get selected can I independently move forward with parklet construction?

A: Yes, but your parklet will not be funded by Curb'd.

Q: What happens when it’s time to deconstruct parklets?

A: Design teams are the owners of the parklets and must choose how the want to proceed with deconstruction. Curb'd has construction experts who are available to answer and questions and provide advice.

Q: Do parklet designs have to adhere to Historic guidelines?

A: Nope.

Q: How tall can a parklet be?

A: The height limitation is flexible, but designs should not restrict vision from adjacent parking spaces. Transparency is key!

Q: What is the protocol for parklet vandalism or loitering?

A: Loitering is up to the business as much as the sidewalk in front of their business. If something on the parklet is broken the business owner can contact the Design team for help to fix the vandalized or broken piece.

Q: Can parklet designs feature running water, like a small fountain?

A: Sure, as long as the water doesn't disrupt the sidewalk or surrounding businesses.

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