Mountain/Tunnel/Xylophone - SHP Leading Design

Mountain/Tunnel/Xylophone - SHP Leading Design

Neighbors and community leaders nationwide are just now discovering the awesome power of the parklet to transform cityscapes and promote face-to-face interactions.

These artistic and provocative experiments will change the way that we experience our surroundings and how we think about connecting dots between points A and B.

The Curb'd team recognizes the power of the parklet and it's potential to transform our community. Although, parklets are a pretty recent phenomenon. How can we be sure that these jaw-dropping installations aren't headaches waiting to happen?

Our dedicated team of experts are hard at work putting together strategies that will maximize the potential of each unique parklet, ensuring safety and measuring impact.
We've checked and double-checked our boxes for liability and ongoing maintenance.

And, of course, all good experiments have oodles and oodles of data that shows results and tracks our progress throughout. This kind of data takes many forms and will help guide decision-making for future projects. Examples are surveys issued to business owners and parklet visitors, comparing sales data for programmed and non-programmed events, hits on social media (and blog!!) as well as video documentation.

Big shout out to our friends over at Spotted Yeti Media for rolling those cameras and covering our process!

But parklet impact goes beyond just the lines of the parking space it's limited to.

From the get-go, the Curb'd team has been in the community talking with residents, business owners and city officials absorbing both compliments and concerns.
Rest assured that our team is taking all the necessary steps to ensure that each parklet design is safe and free from distractions, such as noise pollution and litter.

The City of Covington now has the opportunity to embrace the parklet with open arms and explore entirely new avenues of artistic expression and community interaction.

Sure, there are still a lot of unknowns but that's the nature of true progress!

For instance, what are the realistic financial trade-offs for a business owner who sacrifices an available parking spot for one of these innovative designs? Unknown.

Hopscotch Garden - A+D

Hopscotch Garden - A+D

But as the old saying goes: "YOU NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU TRY!"

And that's exactly what Curb'd intends to do and we hope you join us for the ride.