Why is Covington the perfect place for a design-based competition like Curb'd?

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Historically, the city has always been a hub of activity for the arts and cultural experiences. Its unique location along the riverfront contributed to the rich and diverse creative community that still exists today.

Home to many creative people and hubs, such as The Carnegie and Baker Hunt, the city is a haven for local talent.


Kentuckians now have the opportunity to carry on this legacy through innovative projects such as Curb'd.

This competition will help connect many of the places that make Covington so great by installing parklets at key junctures around town. The public will have the benefit of enjoying unique installations while also exploring the urban core.

The rise in popularity of outdoor creative events, such as Art Off Pike or Madlot, will contribute to the success of parklet installation by furthering the cultural experience. A more interactive and walkable community will also give many of Covington’s small businesses exposure to new clientele.

Curb'd will help establish footpaths throughout our great city with the incentive of immersive parklet installation. Although Covington is home to several parks, the need for public green-space in our urban core cannot be overlooked. By transforming public parking spaces into comfortable and inviting settings we can help improve the lives of local residents and visitors from abroad.